Co-founder EQ

Co-founder EQ is a free Slack app that helps you track your relationship with your co-founder. As a therapist who works with co-founders, I saw value in providing an app that keeps you focused on your relationship at a time when it's often the furthest thing from your mind.

The survey consists of 24 multiple choice questions that ask you to rate your perceptions about the relationship. These questions are an adapted subset of a longer survey that was first developed by the Gottman Institute targeting intimate partners. (As co-founders you are likely aware how intense and personal the co-founding experience can be!)

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. Results are generated once both surveys have been submitted. The raw survey scores and results are never shared (even with your co-founder). Instead, we merge the scored results and generate recommended activities for strengthening your relationship which we then share with you and your co-founder.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.


Add to Slack

Click the Add to Slack button to add the Cofounder EQ app to your Slack workspace.



Start the survey

Once the app is installed you should see a bot user in your workspace named “EQ”. Say start survey to the bot in order to begin. You can also enter the slash command, “/eq survey”.



Invite your co-founder(s)

Once the survey starts, you’ll be asked to invite your co-founder. Surveys are conducted in pairs and are scored using both co-founders’ answers. If your organization has more than two co-founders, take the survey as many times as necessary.



Review and submit

Before final submission, you’ll have a chance to review and update your answers.



Share and discuss results

Once both you and your co-founder submit your answers, we’ll generate a personalized analysis along with actionable recommendations to strengthen your relationship.



Return and learn

We encourage you to return every six months to take the survey again. You can then compare prior results for an understanding of your relationship over time. Here are useful phrases and commands you can use with Co-founder EQ.

  • “start survey” starts the survey process. You can also say “/eq survey”

  • “resume survey” resumes a paused survey. You can also say “/eq resume”

  • “cancel survey” cancels surveys and deletes accounts. You can also say “/eq uninstall”

  • “survey results” shows results from a completed survey. You can also say “/eq results”

  • “survey help” shows links for survey help. You can also say “/eq help”

  • “survey feedback” shows email for providing feedback. You can also say “/eq feedback”